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Program Eligibility

  1. The referred candidate must list your name as the referral source, and you must submit a completed referral form prior to the candidate’s start date to qualify for the referral bonus payout. The completed form must indicate the candidate’s name, job title and the job requisition number.
    • Bonus amounts are as follows and subject to applicable taxes:
      • Referral: $250
      • Quarterly Drawing: $2,500
  2. Referral forms are valid for six months from their submittal date. This means that the referred candidate must be hired within six months of submitting the referral form. If the referred candidate is hired outside of this six-month window, you must complete a new referral form prior to their start date.
  3. Both the referred candidate and the referring employee must be employed by the company six months after the referred candidate’s start date. Bonuses will be paid on the first payroll following that six months.
  4. The referred candidate must be eligible to work in the United States and must not be a prior or current employee of the company, or working for the company through a temporary agency.
  5. Hiring managers and supervisors are not eligible for the referral bonus payout if the referred applicant would be an addition to their own staff.
  6. Employees ranked as an SVP and above are not eligible for the referral bonus payout.
  7. In the event that multiple employees refer the same candidate, the employee whose name is listed as the referral source in the candidate’s job application and completed the referral form first would qualify for the referral bonus.

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